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Put a "tail" at the beginning of your print. I never print without a
tail, even if I have a raft. Basically at the beginning of your gcode
around the point where your print starts change your gcode from this

G1 X-31.05 Y-39.88 Z0.44 F3300.0
G1 X-31.05 Y39.74 Z0.44 F940.828
G1 X-30.93 Y39.86 Z0.44 F940.828
G1 X-29.64 Y39.86 Z0.44 F940.828

to something along the lines of this

G1 X-48 Y48 Z0.44 F3300.0
G1 X-48 Y-48 Z0.44 F945
G1 X48 Y-48 Z0.44 F945
G1 X48 Y48 Z0.44 F945
G1 X-48 Y48 Z0.44 F945
G1 (the code for your 1st layer)

What causes lack of sticking t is two fold. 1st the plastic in the
tip of your nozzle is not 230-240, it's more like 200-210, it's really
not sticky. The extruded plastic isn't up to temp till you have
extruded 1-2cm. The tail gets the extruded plastic solidly up to temp
before you print your interface layer.

Second when printing raft less your Z needs to be very squished into
the plate, the tail gives you 10-20 seconds to jog you z axis to the
perfect level. And it lets you find any imperfections in your
leveling before you loose the print.

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