I'm really, really tired of Ubuntu automatic updates breaking my NVIDIA drivers. This happens every time there is a major update. For a while it was ok, because the hacks to correct it were constant. Now they've changed something else and the usual config tweaks don't work.

ok, I get it

-- there are no default NVIDIA drivers for ubuntu
-- drivers are kernel modules and need to become part of a kernel
-- every time ubuntu updates to a new kernel, it doesn't have the NVIDA module built for it yet
-- so, every time ubuntu updates its kernel you will have to rebuild your driver modules

and, these sites explain where to put the new config tweaks [1,2,3]


  1. I thought envy solved this problem a few years back.

  2. Hmm... part of my problem may be that I'm using the NVIDIA Cuda/OpenCL development drivers, and I don't know how to make Ubuntu manage these automatically.

    I'm sure it will catch up in time, I just need to understand Linux better.