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My Z stage was slipping, so I tried printing the springy parts of the Z axis wobble arrestor ( from thingiverse ). I can print things as long as I monitor them and correct the Z stage when it slips. Attaching these guys didn't seem to make a difference though. Adjusting the bearings might have helped a little, before I cranked the Z stage into the bolts at the top and cracked it. I think the only thing thats worked reliably for me so far is lots of oil and slowing down the travel feed rate ( which I think is whats used to calculate the Z state movement rate during builds ).

Update : these do nothing to help with the slipping. If anything they make it worse. They may help remove some of the wobble, but they also seem to increase the resistance to moving the Z stage. I found that using the latest version of skeinforge lets me slow down the Z stage movement, which seems to correct the problem.

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