MakerBot Note :

Day 10 of makerbot assembly attempt.

morale is low

alternating between cursing my own failures, cursing the makerbot makers, and just plain cursing.

I have determined that the gcode from whatever old version of skeinforge I downloaded does still build.

The present skeinforge does not produce successful builds.

Z stage slipping is still a major problem, may have been exacerbated by trying to install the Z stage wobble arresters.

must... keep... trying...

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  1. You mention your Z stage slipping... I can think of a few possible problems/fixes. (1) Perhaps your Z stage stepper motor potential is too low. Just use a small precision screwdriver to turn up the "pot" on the Z stepper motor so it has a little extra power. (2) Perhaps your Z stage belt is too loose. Adjust the Z stage tension pulleys. (3) Perhaps the Z stage itself is hitting one of the screws which hold the circuit boards in the side of the MakerBot. You could loosen some of those screws or shave down that edge of the Z stage.
    I hope this helps!!!