How to update your project website on Sourceforge

The Sourceforge website confuses me. I need these notes so I can remember how to maintain a project web page.

This link creates a new project

Pick a name less than 15 chars long, e.g. qwerasdfzxcv, and create a new project.

go to http://nameofyourproject.sourceforge.net/

you will then find the link where you can learn how to update your project website.

I want to ideally use sshfs to mount my project website. I'm not sure thats possible, but this page allegedly explains how to use SCP, which might be a good start.

ok, so the username for a sourceforge project is "username,projectname".

the server you talk to in order to manage the website is web.sourceforge.net

your documents live on a path of the form /home/groups/q/qw/qwerasdfzxcv/htdocs/

a typical SCP command might look like

scp FILE username,projectname@web.sourceforge.net:/home/groups/q/qw/qwerasdfzxcv/htdocs/

Is this enough information to sshfs mount your website ? Nope. It seems like it might not be possible. It looks like one can only SCP to or from this space, not interact with it over SSH. So, to modify this, you need to pull down the entire directory, make edits, and then put it back up.

To pull down the entire web space as a local directory htdocs

scp -r user,project@web.sourceforge.net:/home/groups/q/qw/qwerasdfzxcv/htdocs ./

Once you're done making changes, put it back

scp -r ./htdocs/* user,project@web.sourceforge.net:/home/groups/q/qw/qwerasdfzxcv/htdocs/

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